St. Mary's Church, Wiveton, Norfolk
Wiveton  St. Mary
Holdich Poster
Open Diapason 8
Stopped Diapason Bass 8
Clarabella 8
Principal 4

Bower & Company of Weston Longville carried out the restoration under the direction of Richard Bower, who was inspired by the exceptional qualities of Holdich organs, especially tonal quality. The work included the re-creation of the original slide-in mechanism of the keyboard and pedal board and the enclosing doors.

The missing Holdich nameplate was recreated in the original style, the wording having been recorded in Richard Bowers notes in 1980. The action, swell board, bellows and combination action were also restored, together with the beautiful pipework.

The original system of cone tuning was re-instated. The Italianate casework was restored and refurbished in the same colour and style as that of the original. All the gold work was refurbished with gold leaf. The fretwork, a hallmark of Holdich's middle period, was pieced together and completed where parts were missing. The letter "H" can be seen in the central fret of Holdich's small but magnificent creation.