Holy Trinity and St. Constantine, Wetheral, Cumberland

Holy Trinity and St. Constantine, Wetheral
Manual I
Stopped Diapason 8
Principal 4
Rohr Flute 4
Fifteenth 2
Block flute 2
Mixture II/III  1 1/3
Cornet II
Regal Trumpet 8
Manual  II
Spitzflute 8
Rohr Flute 4
Fifteenth 2
Larigot 1 1/3
Stopped Diapason 16
Rohr Flute 8
Principal 8
Fifteenth 4
Mixture II  2 2/3
Regal 16

This was the first Bower & Company completely new 2 manual organ.

It has “suspended” mechanical action throughout and a comprehensive specification obtained by the transmission of stops of the same name between the manuals and at the sub-octave on the pedals where they are completed either by their own octave of pipes or by transmission of the bass of the same pitched stop on the manuals. The spitzflute shares the bass of the stopped diapason.

In 2012 I returned and carried out a mini overhaul of the organ and restored the “open foot” voicing as it was first set. I found the organ just as delightful as it was when first built. This was the organ that was featured by Radio 4 in the programme that became programme of the year in 1984 “A Pipe Dream No More”.