St. Mary, Tansor, Northamptonshire

Clarinette 8 from tenor g
Mixture III
Fifteenth 8
Flute 8
Principal 4
Stopped Diapason 4
Clarabella 8ft Tone
Open Diapason 8
Horn 8
Oboe 8
Principal 4
Open Diapason 8
Bourdon 16
Swell to Great  
Great to Pedal  

The organ was built by J.W. Walker in 1861 and has a specification of two manuals and pedals; whilst the swell organ keyboard is of full compass the soundboard is from tenor C upwards; an 8ft bass is cleverly provided by borrowing the pipes of the pedal Bourdon (which has to be drawn to make the 8ft bass function).

Our restoration remade the original design of straight and concave pedalboard and original pedal coupler action.

The casework has been repaired and repolished with a spirit varnish type of finish matching the original finish.

The organ has three 1861 reed stops, all of Spotted Metal; the tenor C Horn has nearly parallel open shallots and is a superb low pressure chorus reed; the Hautboy and tiny scaled gamut g Clarinette are full of colourful character.