St. Faith, Overbury, Worcestershire
Mixture II 1 1/3
Conet II (from ten A) 2 2/3
Blockflute 2
Rohrflute 4
Principal (bass from Rohrflute) 4
Stopped Diapason  8

This continuo organ was built in 1985 to celebrate the Tercentenary of Handel’s birth. It was used in concert in many locations and featured in “A short walk London to Venice” on Radio 3 in 1988 played by Mike Steer..

The Mixture and Cornet have divided knobs so that the individual ranks can be drawn giving in effect a 12th, 15th/22nd, 17th and 19th. The Cornet commences at tenor A but has a facility so that any or all of the bottom 7 notes A – D can be silenced to suit the range of the Cornet required such as in 18th century voluntaries.

The organ has a key compass of 56 notes CC – g. It also has a low BB pipe for every rank and transposes down a semitone to give CC – g at “Baroque” pitch.

There is also a “shifting movement” pedal silencing the cornet and mixture whilst held depressed.

The case is of sweet chestnut.