Fire Services Training College, Moreton in the Marsh
Fifteenth Treble
Fifteenth Bass
Principal Treble
Principal Bass
Stopped Diapason Treble
Stopped Diapason Bass

This little organ commission was designed and built to complement the new distinctive and modern Chapel in which Firemen who have lost their lives in service are named in the roll of honour housed there.

The casework is made of sweet chestnut and the unusual case design reflects the roofline of the Chapel and the side panel design is based on the fire service motif.

The action of the organ is “suspended” mechanical and the case contains the electric blower and wind control. All stops are divided at middle C with the drawstops positioned so that the complete register can be drawn with one hand.

As part of the opening in 1988, Richard Bower was honoured to play the organ to Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Gloucester.