All Saints, Maidenhead, Berkshire

Open Diapason 8
Stopped Diapason 8
Dulciana 8
Wald Flute 4
Bourdon 16
Open Diapason 8
Geigen 8
Hohl Flute 8
Octave 4
Octave Quint 2 2/3
Super Octave 2
Clarion 4
Trumpet 8
Double Trumpet 16
Clarinet 8
Oboe 8
Gemshorn 4
Violin Diapason 8
Lieblich Gedeckt 8
Echo Gamba 8
Voix Celestes 8
Open Wood 16
Sub Bass 16
Octave Wood 8
Flute 8
Swell to Great  
Swell to Choir  
Choir to Great  
Swell to Pedal  
Great to Pedal  
Choir to Pedal  
under swell; 1,2,3,4, Full, Clarinet.
under great; 1,2, full.
under choir; 1,2.
4 pedal toe pistons; 16’, 16’, G-P, Tremulant.

This fine example of the work of Harrison and Harrison in 1931, one which incorporates the pipework from the former Walker organ, was voiced by Arthur Harrison. It is ingeniously worked into the Chancel position and with an unusual layout of Swell and Choir above the console and Great organ in the next bay West facing the congregation. The huge open wood squeezed into the various crevices at the back of the organ and now has its own organ blower; the Bourdon faces East into the vestry.

Whilst the organ obviously had to be restored unaltered the impracticality of maintaining the tubular pneumatic action lead to the decision to install electric magnet primaries to the soundboards, now allowing access to the back of the console and to the soundboards. The console is unaltered and with the scant original piston provision as it was (the set piston being out of sight).

Casework. It is obvious that the organ was intended to have an oak case, that this was prepared for and that it never happened. How elaborate this was intended to be is not known, but the organ and the preparation lends itself to the provision of practical and relatively simple casework.