St. Mary's Catholic Church, Ipswich, Suffolk
St. Mary's Catholic Church, Ipswich, Suffolk
Octavin  1
Larigot  1 1/3
Fifteenth  2
Nasard  2 2/3
Flute  4
Gemshorn  4
Stopped Diapason  8
Gemshorn  8
Melodic Bass 16
Trumpet  8
Cornet  12.17 II
Dulcetina  2
Principal 2
Flute  4
Principal  4
Flute  8
Dulciana 8 C + bottom 12 of B
Open Diapason 8
*Trombone 16 D prepared for)
Flute  2
Gemshorn  4
Bass Flute  8 Now B
Principal  8
Bourdon  16 Now B
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
(*Great Trumpet on Swell).

On first seeing the organ, which had just the central case of what you see now, I felt the need to add the “wings” to this Angel of an organ. The request to expand the organ to two manuals to lead growing congregations gave the opportunity to do this.

The North side contains the trumpet and the South the three extended ranks we added to make the great organ the central case remains as the unaltered Williamson & Hyatt enclosed extension organ, now the swell organ. A new set of reclaimed ivory covered keys was added to the old console, which is downstairs on the South side.