St. John at Hampstead, London
St John at Hampstead
St John at Hampstead
Clarion 4 a
Trumpet 8 a
Mixture III a
Fifteenth 2 a
Twelfth 2 2/3 a
Flute Harmonique 4 d
Principal 4 a
Claribel Flute 8 a
Open Diapason 8 a
Double Diapason 16 a
Hautboy 8 a
Cornopean 8 d
Vox Humana 8 a (d)
Contra Posaune 16 b,c & d
Mixture III a & b
Gemshorn 4 a
Lieblich Gedackt 8 a
Salicional 8 a
Vox Angelica 8 a
Open Diapason 8 a
Corno di Bassetto 8 a
Piccolo 2 d
Concert Flute 4 d
Dulciana 8 a
Claribel Flute 8 d
Viola da Gamba 8 d
Ophicleide 16 a (to 8, 4 d)
Mixture III a
Super Octave 4 a
Octave Diapason (ext) 8 c
Flute 8 a
Violoncello 8 a
Bourdon 16 a
Open Diapason 16 a
Nave Organ
Trumpet 8 c
Mixture IV d
Fifteenth 2 d
Principal 4 d
Open Diapason 8 a

The work was one of restoring the Father Willis sound to the organ. The Father Willis was rebuilt by Willis III in about 1930 and radically altered in 1964 when the Father Willis choir organ was also removed. We have built a new choir organ to the Father Willis specification (which can be seen in the “porthole” to the left of the Thomas Jackson designed case in the top picture) and also restored the Father Willis pipe work to its original voicing.

The 1964 positive organ has been replaced by a new Nave great organ facing the gallery voiced to complement the Willis organ which has otherwise been recreated close to the original 1881 specification.

The Harrison console has been retained along with the electric action which we modernised with Solid State. This was part of the cleaning overhaul and renovation of the organ which we carried out in 1995.

Pipe work: a=Father Willis b=Willis III c=Harrison d=Bower & Company