St. Radegunda, Grayingham, Lincolnshire

Pedal Pipes 16ft
Open Bass
Open Diapason Treble
Open Diapason Bass

The FLIGHT & SON lovely enamel plate. “& Son” suggests that the organ is of later date, perhaps even made after Benjamin Flight’s death in 1846. According to the Directory of British Organ Builders (available at

Flight & Son moved to the 36 St Martin’s Lane address in 1849. I wouldn’t place the organ much later than this date. The organ was much of a mystery but it transpired that it had been from here from nearby Kirton Lindsay in 1935. But much more remained of the mystery as it was clearly not as Flight & Son had left it. It was beautifully Gothicized and also rebuilt. The conclusion is that the lower half of the case was exactly as Flight had left it along with the manual soundboard and action, all of which as now been restored.

The upper case, with probably dummy wooden facade has all been substituted for superb Victorian Gothic work but carpenter made with super use of hammer and nails. The pedal bourdon had been added to the rear of the original organ in a disastrous manner also blocking access to the main organ action and face-board. As useful but non original the pedal section has now been remade away from the main case where it is hidden from the Nave by the architecture. As 16ft tone doesn’t mind travelling around corners this has worked well. A new traditional style mechanical action passes under the main case into the new section.

The original 18 note pedal-board, possibly Flight, has been remade and is permanently coupled to the manual. The pipework made no sense – the open tenor was zinc (the bass open wood) the Gamba and Lieblich Gedackt clearly later. It was still cone tuned so that system has been restored. What was missing was an 8ft flute, (the tiny scaled Lieblich then 8ft being behind the dulciana and un-tunable). We made a new wooden Clarabel from middle C as such was most likely in the original organ. The organ now sings with Young's temperament it clearly having been built with a similar unequal tuning.