SS Peter and Paul, Edgefield, Norfolk
 SS Peter and Paul, Edgefield, Norfolk
Hautboy 8
Gemshorn 4
Mixture II  
Open Flute 4
Gamba 8
Open Diapason 8
Principal 4
Piccolo 2
Lieblich Gedact Treble 8
Lieblich Gedact Bass 8
Open Diapason 8
Dulciana 8
Bourdon 16
Swell to Great
Pedals to Great
Pedals to Swell

Full restoration of 12 stop two manual by Thomas Jones originally built for an elegant house in South London and placed in Edgefield in 1940’s after the Rector had burnt the previous organ after one of Willis’ staff died falling from it. The organ has a very attractive case which Bower & Company have also restored and repolished together with recreation of the attractive Victorian stencilling by the gilders who found it under gold paint that I expected to cover gold leaf.