St. Margaret, Cley next the Sea, Norfolk
St. Margaret, Cley next the Sea, Norfolk
St. Margaret, Cley next the Sea, Norfolk
Mixture III
Cornet (mid c) II
Fifteenth 2
Principal 4
Rohr Flute 4
Stopped Diapason 8
Open Diapason 8
Trumpet 8
Fifteenth 2
Gemshorn 4
Lieblich Gedackt 8
Violin Diapason 8
Bourdon 16
Swell to Great  
Swell to Pedal  
Great to Pedal  
A balanced Swell Pedal  

Only four stops and the case remain of this Bryceson chamber organ once in Blakeney church which was rebuilt in Cley by Norman & Beard around 1900 – it was a second rate rebuilding using parts from their stock to provide a three stop swell organ and seven stop great, one of which was a 13 note 16 ft. Bourdon; their 13 note pedalboard had just swell to pedal and great to pedal. Their layout was ridiculous, the faceboards facing each other with no space between.

Our work moved the swell organ backwards and added the mixture and cornet to the great and the trumpet and fifteenth to the swell by fitting clamps to the N & B soundboards and by adding a new pedal soundboard and placing the Bourdon here adding 17 new pipes and a new mechanical action and couplers. The swell was balanced, the harmonic flute made into a rohr flute, and new stop knobs of snakewood made and engraved to match the existing. We also restored the casework and made the backwards extension attractive by extending the gothic crenulations.