St. Michael, Broome St Michael, South Norfolk
 St. Mary, Dalham, Suffolk


Hautboy (from middle C)

Fifteenth (full compass)

Principal (Full compass)

Stopped Diapason (from Tenor C)

Stopped Diapason (Bass)

Open Diapason (from Tenor C)

Richard tuning the swelling Hautboy on the Elliott organ at Broome 

The organ was built  by Thomas Elliot of London in 1817, was one of the main organ builders in England during the early 19th century.

The organ is a single manual having the compass, GG, AA, AA#, BB, CC – f 58 notes.

The church has no electricity and the organ is still blown either by the foot pedal or by the blowing handle.

The Hautboy is a swelling Hautboy, placed in its own swellbox. The case also has swell shutters in the roof and both are operated by the same swell pedal. (The church today opens the glass doors before playing, but built for a house with a low ceiling the sound from the top must have been more audible than it is in this high roofed church.)

The third pedal is a full organ (- Hautboy) pedal.

The organ was renovated by us in 1989.