St. Mary, Brampton Ash
St. Mary, Brampton Ash
Cornet II ranks (from middle c)
Mixture II-III ranks (III from mid c)
Fifteenth 2
Rohrflute 4
Principal 4
Stopped Diapason 8
Salicional 8

Organ designed for its location by Richard Bower who also carried out the tonal finishing. Casework and attractive matching stool in natural oak; keyboard with cocobolo sharps and olivewood naturals. Single manual with mechanical action; no pedalboard.

The church received a significant Bequest in 1992 from their Church Organist Geoffrey Hunter who had played their little Casson Patent Positive Organ for many a year. The bequest made extensive restoration of the whole grade one listed church in this tiny parish and we designed and built this organ which sits in the Chancel.