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Catalogue of Organs

Any organ that has this symbol has music

New Organs

Chair Organs

Nave Organs

Recreated Existing Organs

Reconstructed Organs

Rebuilt Organs

Historic Restoration

Chamber Organs

Chamber organs are organs built for domestic use Churches often contain chamber organs that were built for the local Hall or else have come from a house or stately home. The following have been restored or worked upon by us.

Epic “Bower” Organs revisited from pre 1990

Practice instruments

Organs in House

Our loan and hire organ potentially is at present our “Chester” Organ.

We are also completing a recreation of another single manual mechanical organ of exactly similar style to that at Little Newcastle but with the further addition of a Twelfth and Seventeenth from middle C.

We have several used organs in store. Amongst these are some chamber instruments and also an interesting single manual by E Norman suitable for a small church.

We have a number of other organs suitable for reconstruction into good organs; amongst these are 2 manual organs (including that from St Paul Bloomsbury) and the three manual instrument from Archway Central Hall.